Pets911 Smart Tag

More than just a pet tag!

Protect your pet with QR Code equipped pet tag where your multiple contact details and pet’s critical information can be read by any smartphone

How To Get Started

Order Your ID Tag

Order your Pets911 ID tag from the Pets911 portal, simple and secure

Create Your Account

Create your Pets911 account and create your pets profile

Activate Your Tag

Update your pet’s profile and attach to the Pets911 ID tag

How does the Pets911 smart tag work?

Pets911 pet tag, the modern way to succeed in finding your lost pet faster.

Get your Pets911 tag and set up your pet profile

Specify multiple points of contact, medical needs, vaccination records, and more.

If your pet suddenly goes missing...

Anyone can scan your pet’s tag and view all contact and pet information. If tag is scanned you will be alerted by email and SMS.

Reunite with your pet!

Pets911 has helped countless pets get home safely – ensure your pet’s safety with Pets911


Easy To Manage


Pets911 ID tag provides much more vital information to the finders when your pet goes missing, such as multiple contact details, pet medical conditions, allergies, dietary needs and more.

Pet Profile

Anyone can scan your pet’s tag to view your contact and pet information, all in one clean profile.

Scan Location

If your pets tag has been scanned you will be alerted by both email and text of the exact location it was scanned.

Blockchain Technology

Your pet information will be securely stored on the blockchain and encoded with a private key. giving you more control over your own records

The Difference

Protect Your Pet

If your pet is missing, the Pets911 Smart Tag will be scanned and the pet information will be displayed.


Trusted by pet owners across the globe.


“We are loving our Pets911 tag. It is user-friendly and easy to setup. I feel reassured to have all that information handy. Should Toby ever get lost, it will be much easier for someone to scan his tag to get ahold of us for a speedy return”

Fur Mamma


One Time Activation Fee