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Most people occasionally give their pet foods meant for people. The wrong foods can have a disastrous result (as is the case with onions, raisins and chocolate), but human food for dogs isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, there’s a variety of food you can safely – and nutritiously – feed your dog from the table. Here are our top five:
Sweet Potatoes

A source of potent antioxidants that aid in healing, cancer prevention and fighting the effects of aging, sweet potatoes also contain wholesome dietary fiber that helps maintain normal bowel movements. These terrific tubers also pack a punch of Vitamins A, C and B6, and minerals manganese, copper and iron.

Chef’s Tip: Feed whole after baking or in the form of “fries” (thinly sliced and baked in canola or coconut oil).


Oily fishes are excellent sources of super-nutritious Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA). Feed your pet salmon, sardines or anchovies to help prevent skin problems and allergies, treat arthritis and heart disease and maybe even improve behavior and intelligence in dogs (studies have shown a link).

Chef’s Tip: Top your pet’s regular food with a freshly prepared filet, can or pouch of fish.


Loaded with phytonutrients and full of Vitamins A, K and C, carrots are one of nature’s best antioxidants. These orange wonders can support a dog’s vision, heart and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Chef’s Tip: Slice and freeze carrots for a fun summer treat.


Broccoli aids in fighting infections and treating skin and heart problems, and has been shown to help ward off cancer. It can also help pets metabolize drugs and excrete toxins.

Chef’s Tip: Combine steamed or cooked broccoli with other superfoods and fish for a health boost whenever a pet is fighting an infection or recovering from an injury.


This ancient grain has healing properties as a potent antioxidant. One of the few complete protein sources, quinoa can also help prevent heart disease and cancer as well as reduce the risk of diabetes.

Chef’s Tip: Boil for 15 minutes and serve. Combine with fish or meat plus a few veggies for a complete meal.

As always, be sure to talk with your veterinarian before offering your pet any new food. When done correctly, “people” foods for pets can be just what the doctor ordered!

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