5,000 Exclusive NFT Dogs Barking On The Ethereum Blockchain.

Join our NFT pet community that not only gives back to the shelters but features unmatched utility.


NFT’s created


About collection

Yes, we let the dogs out!

Pets911 is a community for pet lovers and NFT collectors on the Ethereum blockchain and in the Metaverse. There are 5,000 unique dog NFT’s with their very own special treats. 20% of all royalty profits during initial launch will be going to animal shelters to help dogs in need and finding their forever home.

Each NFT can be fetched for 0.08 ETH. We’ve held back 500 whitelist spots so make sure to join our Discord to enter and stay in the loop for our minting date.

About Pets911

Adopted on the Ethereum Blockchain

Saving lives, and finding forever homes for animals since 1998, Pets911 is always looking for what’s best within the community. We have a long term mindset for you as holders/investors to continue to grow with us in the expansion of WEB3.

NFT Holder Benefits

Free Pets911 Smart Tag

Your QR pet tag is linked to an online profile. Here you can share address details, phone number and medical information about your pet, all securely stored on the blockchain.


Receive discounts on our exclusive pet CBD products. Reap the benefits from our alliance members such as discounts on pet hotels, pet insurance, grooming services and puppy training.


The giving doesn’t stop at the project sell out. 20% of all royalty profits will be Pets911 NFT holder controlled to fund additional grants and save dogs in perpetuity. 

Exclusive Perks

Just by holding your NFT you will be rewarded with cash giveaways, free merch, and donations on your behalf. We will also be rolling out other secret perks down the road.


Why should I buy an NFT?

You aren’t just buying a jpeg or supporting a good cause. Pets911 is the only pet NFT with real-life utility that you can benefit from with its exclusive perks such as a free smart tag, discounts on pet insurance, pet hotels, grooming services, CBD pet products, puppy training, and more. 

Pets911 Collection

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Frequently Asked Questions

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, sell, and trade. NFTs can simply be digital asset (art, music, video, etc.) but can also have various benefits. They can be used as a membership card that gives the owner access to member benefits.

Get the MetaMask Chrome or Firefox extension. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. Then, click the button “MINT” on the top banner to connect your wallet and approve the transaction on MetaMask. For additional guidance on setting up a MetaMask YouTube is a great resource.

Pets911 will be on the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain as an ERC-721 token

5,000 exclusive NFT dogs barking on the Ethereum blockchain

By being a Pets911 NFT holder you will receive real-life value and benefits from our alliance members such as discounts from pet stores, pet hotels, pet insurance, grooming services and more! Also, you will be shipped a QR tag which your information will be stored on the blockchain.

Mint date is to be announced. Follow us on Discord.

Whitelist Opportunity

Pets911 is dropping its NFT collection and we’ve held back 500 whitelist spots. Smash that link below for a chance to win!